Surah An-Naas

Introduction of Surah An-Naas

According to the most correct view, Surah Al-Naas is Madni.

Number of verses, words, and letters Of Surah An-Naas

One Raku of this Surah consists of 6 verses, 20 words, and 79 letters.

The reason for naming An-Naas

The reason for naming An-Naas is that people are called An-Naas in Arabic. And this word is present in the first verse of this Surah. For this reason, it is called Surah An-Naas.

Subjects of Surah An-Naas

In this blessed Surah, it is taught to seek refuge in Allah from the jinn and humans who whisper in the hearts of the people.

Consistency with Surah Al-Falaq

At that time, the special thing about Surah Al-Naas with its predecessor, Surah Al-Falaq, is that in Surah Al-Falaq, it was taught to seek refuge with Allah from outward evil, and in this case, it is taught to seek refuge in Allah from hidden evil.

English Translation Of Surah An-Naas

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

You say! I seek refuge in the Lord of all peoples, the King of all peoples, the God of all people, I seek refuge in the evil of the one who whispers, again and again, the one who whispers in the hearts of the people, among the jinn and humans.


Surah An-Naas

Explanation Or Tafseer Of Surah An-Naas

I seek refuge in the Lord of all peoples. Tafseer Sirat-al-Janan states that Allah is the Lord of all creatures, but since man is the noblest of creatures, he specifically mentions that the greatness and dignity of man also show the greatness and dignity of man. The scholars have made the point here that in this case, the word al-Naas occurs five times. The wisdom in this is that man is only brought up in childhood.

  • Therefore, first of all, he mentioned the attribute of the Lord of the people.
  • That a person becomes intoxicated in his youth and goes astray, then he needs a legal arrest, so here is the king of the people.
  • And because in old age man becomes engaged in worship, Therefore, in the third place, the attribute of God Almighty is mention, that is, Malik-e-Naas
  • And in the fourth place, the people may mean the righteous, that Satan usually tries to turn them away from worship through whispers.
  • And in the fifth place, the people may mean the wicked and mischievous people who have sought refuge from their evil.

King of all people, It is in the Tafseer, that is, it is the one who arranges their deeds, And the real ruler and master of all are that whoever gets government and property in the world, he gets it from his gift.
The God of all people is in Tafseer Sirat al-Janan, There is only one God, and that is the true God of all people, The commentary is in Sirat al-Janan. It refers to the great devil and his habit. When a man is heedless, he whispers in his heart. And when man remembers Allah, Satan stays away and goes away.

The difference between whispering and inspiration

Remember that bad thoughts are called whispers, while good thoughts are inspiring and whisper by Satan. Therefore, it should recite La Hawl Wala Qawwata and the inspiration is from Allah Almighty through an angel, so one should give thanks to Allah Almighty for it.

Whispers are more prevalent in the dominance of Nafs Amara, while inspiration is more in the domination of Nafs Mutmina.

Benefits Of Surah An-Naas

Satan is our enemy that we do not see, that is, he sees us, but we cannot see him. So seek refuge in the Almighty Lord, he who sees it but does not see Allah. Seek refuge in the Lord from the enemy. Those who whisper in people’s hearts. It does not deviate from the sound but directly affects the heart. He makes evil look good, he is the enemy, but he comes in the guise of friendship. As a human being, it whispers to him. Satan is also among the jinn and among humans. When a person believes in these whispers, their chain increases, And if he hates it, he goes away. A man should seek refuge from the evil of jinn and devils and also from the evil of human demons.

  • Provide protection from enemies
  • Recitation of this surah provide protection from evil eyes

Hadith Bukhari About Surah An-Naas

There is a very useful service in this regard, so Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqah (may Allah be pleased with her) says: There is a hadith of Bukhari that the Holy Prophet (SAWS) use to go to bed at night. Then he would gather both his hands and breathe on it and recite Recite Surah Al-Ikhlas, Surah Al-Falaq, Surah Al-Nas. After reciting, he would move his blessed hands from head to toe all over the blessed body and repeat this process three times as far as he could reach.

Hazrat Abdullah says It rained lightly on us, and it was dark at that time, and we were waiting for the Holy Prophet. So he came and led us in prayer, and when he came to offer prayers. And he said: Read, Read what I ask?

He said: Recite Surah Al-Ikhlas, Surah Al-Falaq, Surah Al-Nas, three times in the morning and in the evening. And reciting them will save you from all evil. This Tafseer becomes a source of improvement. May my parents, my dear relatives, teachers, friends, other relatives, and helpers forgive. Ameen.




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