Net Speed Test Ptcl

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Net Speed Test Ptcl

check your Net speed test ptcl on cute can easily check the Ptcl speed test online. Check your internet performance PTCL uploading and downloading Speed.

Ptcl Stand for Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. Ptcl is the largest internet company in Pakistan. Ptcl offers high-speed Broadband Internet, charji wireless internet, Smart TV, etc.

Broadband speed test

You need to do something before starting the broadband speed test.

  • Net Make sure to close any windows streaming video and music such as Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Pandora. Only the PTCL Internet Speed Test window should be open.
  • Any program using the Internet program should be shut down before starting the Broadband Speed Test.

Net Speed Test Ptcl

The actual Check PTCL Speed of the Internet is always lower than what is written on your package or as told to you by the DSL Marketing Department. In fact, it is likely that you will never really get 8Mb on an 8Mb line unless you can see the telephone exchange through your window. Although advertised broadband download speeds now start at ‘up to 8Mb’, ‘up to’ can cover a much wider range – one person’s 8Mb connection can be another’s 2Mb connection.


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