Government to start refunding Hajj 2020 dues from Thursday

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has declared it will begin discounting Hajj levy to all candidates during the current year from Thursday, detailed Radio Pakistan.

As indicated by a representative of the strict service, the choice has been taken considering the Saudi government’s choice to hold a restricted Hajj this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The representative said the sums stored by confident explorers will be discounted through booked banks the nation over and all candidates are being educated by means of SMS.

“Candidates should come face to face to get the sum in real money, while bunch pioneers should go to the manage an account with every single unique archive of gathering individuals in the event of accepting through a check,” the representative said.

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Candidates can contact Accounts Officer Refund at 051-9208465 if there should arise an occurrence of any trouble in the discount procedure, the representative included.

Constrained Hajj this year

Not long ago, Saudi Arabia had declared it would hold Hajj 2020 with an “extremely set number” of explorers dwelling in the nation.

The Kingdom later said it will permit just around 1,000 explorers dwelling in the nation to play out the journey.

“The number of explorers will be around 1,000, possibly less, perhaps somewhat more,” Hajj Minister Mohammad Benten told correspondents.

“The number won’t be in tens or several thousand” this year, he included.

The journey, planned for the finish of July, will be constrained to those under 65 years old and with no ceaseless sicknesses, Health Minister Tawfiq al-Rabiah had included.

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The travelers will be tried for coronavirus before showing up in the sacred city of Makkah and will be required to isolate at home after the custom, Rabiah included.

“As COVID-19 cases keep on developing all-inclusive while the dangers of Coronavirus spread in packed spaces and to nations despite everything exist, Hajj 1441H is chosen to occur this year with a set number of pioneers from all nationalities dwelling in Saudi Arabia just, who are eager to perform Hajj,” the Saudi Hajj service articulation had said.

The service said that the choice to hold the confined journey was taken to guarantee that the Hajj was securely performed “while focusing on every single preventive measure to ensure Muslims and cling carefully to the lessons of Islam in protecting our wellbeing and security”.

“The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques’ administration is regarded to serve a huge number of Hajj and Umrah travelers every year,” it said.

“It affirms that this choice is regarding its steady consideration of keeping up the wellbeing of travelers on its property until withdrawing back to their nations of origin. We ask Allah the Almighty to shield all nations from this pandemic and guard all people secured and,” it included.

The choice denotes the first run through in Saudi Arabia’s cutting edge history that Muslims outside the Kingdom has been banned from playing out the Hajj, which a year ago drew 2.5 million travelers.

The Hajj — an unquestionable requirement for physically fit Muslims at any rate once in the course of their life — normally packs a huge number of pioneers into blocked strict destinations and could be a significant wellspring of infection.

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